Thursday, January 8, 2015

August 2014

Other August Happenings

Our friends the Watkins moved.  They were one of our first friends in Chicago.  In fact, before we even moved here they friended us.  When we went house hunting in May they told us we could stop by and talk to them about the area.  How nice is that?!  Inviting total strangers in their home.

Michelle and I lived just a few blocks away and would meet at the park near the White Soxs Stadium (Armour Square Park) often.  Caden was right between her boys in age and she had a little girl a few months before they moved. 
 Caden and Vance with Regan, Max and Navy Watkins 

We enjoy a trip to the lake a few days after Caden's birthday as a post-birthday treat.  Caden loves the sand and water.

Church is extra hard for Vance because he misses his morning nap.  He was so tired on the way home he fell asleep in the middle of playing with his toy.

Church time with dad

Austin snapped this picture on the way home from work one evening.  It's a cool picture but it kind of idealizes where we live doesn't it. 

Caden's hair was getting super long.  It was so long I could fit one of my hair ties around a piece of it.

Face time with Dad and Jacob 

Probably one of the coolest thing during the month was witnessing this parade from our living room window.  Caden and I were sitting on the couch and I looked out the window and saw a bunch of people gathering on the sidewalk and just waiting.  I could tell something was happening so I started searching events for the day in Chicago.  There wasn't a baseball game so I knew it didn't have to do with the White Soxs.  Finally I found out that it was a little parade for the Jackie Robinson West team that won the U.S. Little League Championship.  Its a team from the Southside of Chicago and they loaded them up in these two trolleys and they drove through part of Chicago.  It was cool to see these people come out and cheer on these boys.  I think the whole thing is such a great story and a wonderful experience for these boys.  I thought about walking down to the street with the boys but then I decided our seat was better at home.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Museum, August 2014

We have just LOVED our children's museum pass.  It was well worth scrimping and saving for.  

Vance is now old enough to sit and enjoy the baby areas.  The best baby area is in the Kids Town room so we spend a lot of time there.  

Driving the bus

Caden's favorite thing to do in this room by far is the car.  He drives, washes and fixes the car. 

 I think what is the most fun about the car is that he can climb on top.  He climbs to the top and then cleans the mirrors with the squeegee.

The fire station is another favorite

There's a big, open general area on the second floor where they switch out activities every few months.  Its great because there's always something new to do.  In the summer they had a laugh shack.  They had this stage for the kids to stand with banana microphones, printed jokes they could tell, dress ups to put on and signs to hold that said "laugh" or "clap".  There were also couches for the parents to sit on and watch their children preform.  I didn't think it was really something Caden could do or enjoy but he thought it was great.  He couldn't read the jokes but he just liked standing on the stage and saying whatever gibberish he wanted and having an audience.  

We can't wait for the next museum adventure!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Temple in August

The temple closes for a month around July so we were excited to head back in August.  It started out beautiful outside.  The boys walked around with dad and when I was done we switched, as usual.  

By the time Austin went in the sky was dark and it was windy.  The boys and I didn't want to get caught in the rain so we got in the car as quick as we could and minutes later it started pouring.  

2014, August 23- downpour at the temple from Elise B on Vimeo.

We hung out in the car and I was getting ready to text Austin to tell him to call us when he was coming out because there's no way he could have gotten to the car without getting completely soaked.  Then right before he came out it stopped raining (or at least was only a light drizzle).  Crazy, crazy weather.

We have a tradition of going to get dinner after the temple.  I think it was still a little early so we stopped by this candy shop that was near the burger place we usually go to.  They had tons of Super hero cardboard cutouts.  Caden was in heaven!

With their own shield

Holding their Thor hammer

I've never even seen ET but it reminds me of Kortney Pincock because she's terrified of him so we had to take a picture for Kortney.
Vance was pretty curious about ET 
(and can I just say how ironic it is that there are a million glass bottles on low shelves in a CANDY shop that lots of children will be walking through)