Sunday, July 13, 2014

Valentine's Day

Caden had fun making Valentines Day cards this year.  He made some for Grandma Fisher before she left and sent some with her to give to Grandpa and Uncle Jacob too.

I really need to take better notes about what happens because I don't remember why Austin had work off. 
He was on rotation so I'm guessing he just happened to get off early.  He met us at Costco and we ate some lunch together.

For dinner that night we had steaks.  Mom had bought us some when she was visiting and we had some leftover.  Thanks mom!
Unfortunately, while we were cooking them it let off too much smoke and the fire alarm went off. We had to open the windows and doors and it was freezing outside!  We bundled Caden up (and all of us) so he would be warm while the smoke left the house.

Dad brought home lots of treats from work for Valentine's Day.

Austin had to work the next day (Saturday) and he brought home even more goodies for me.  
My favorite!!  My husband knows me too well.  YUM!!

I have a new found respect for Valentines Day.  It was so nice to have something to celebrate during a gloomy and cold winter.

Date Night

February 8th
Austin and I took advantage of having my mom around and decided to go on a little date one night.  We left for about an hour and just drove up the street to Dunkin Donuts.  We got some hot chocolate to share and a few donuts.  Unfortunately the hot chocolate was scalding and had barely cooled down just as we were getting home.
It was a short but perfect date.

Gifts for Vance

Our friends and family were so generous and I wanted to record some of the gifts that were given to Vance. 

Amy brought us these sandals the weekend before we found out what we were having.
I guess she knew something we didn't

Puma jacket and pants 
"On the Night You Were Born" book
From: Amy and Jeff

Warm one piece outfit and tie
From: Amber and Matt

Outfit, burp cloth and toy
From: Melissa and Adam

Monkey outfit
From: Didi Ahlstrom

Owl outfit
From: Maddie Hodge Jefferson

Sweater onepiece outfit
From: Jordan Johnson

Floor Swing
From: Jeanine, Amy and Rachelle

Every single gift was so needed, well used and perfect.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nature Museum

Vance had a check up appointment a few weeks after he was born.  It just happened to be near the Peggy Norbert Nature Museum that just happens to be free to locals on Thursdays which just happened to be the day of our appointment.
It was nice to be out of the house and Caden had fun with all the new things and especially new friends to play with.

Of all the great things at the museum Caden and a bunch of other kids spent a good 20 minutes at this penny whirlpool.

The coolest thing was the butterfly exhibit.  You go into a room that has butterflies flying all around you.  It was super neat.
Caden watching the butterfly eat some food.

There were also birds all around.  This one is in the bushes.

We had to check ourselves in the mirror and any open bags we had before we left to make sure there were no butterflies on us.  Just outside the door were some caterpillars in their chrysalis.  

It was the perfect little outing, especially for a cold winter day.  We can't wait to go back.

Grandma Time

We were so lucky to have such a long special visit with Grandma.
She snuggled and read stories, held Vance, made meals and did shopping (in the cold).
We only made it to church one of the Sundays she was with us.  Since we didn't get to go to church Grandma helped teach Caden a nursery lesson.  We did a lesson about being happy and a lesson about obeying.  Caden's attitude dramatically improved after these lessons.  
We also called into and listened to the Anchorage Bush Branch.  This is a Branch in my parents Stake that is composed of members that all live too far to physically meet so they conduct their Sunday meeting over the phone via Conference call.  It was so neat to participate in that Branch and to partake of the wonderful spirit those members have.

Mom said she knew when she was on Caden's good side when he would ask her to play swords.
Caden found a good shield (box) for Grandma and let her know when to use the light saber as a sword and how to hold it so it could be a gun too.

Caden laying by Grandma with his helmet (box) on.  
I loved seeing moments like this when Caden would sit quietly at the table with Grandma and work on a project or coloring book.

Vance loved being held by Grandma.

Vance with his Alaska shirt on with his Alaska Grandma.

I had tried playing with this puppets with Caden in the past but he wasn't interested.  Grandma played with these puppets with Caden and not only did he love it but he gets them out to play with all the time now.

At the end of January she took a train out to visit Amy for a week.  It was great to have a trial run being by myself but knowing she would be back to help soon.  
When she returned she was just around one more week but we enjoyed it.  

Grandma gave Caden and me a haircut.

And of course there was more sword play.

Mom took such good care of us.  Not only did she take care of all our needs but she even brought some Keifer and sourdough starters and showed me how to make some healthy foods.  I was so sad and nervous to see her go but I know we were so blessed to have her visit so long.  
We're glad Dad and Jacob could do without her for that long and we're grateful for her sacrifice too.
Thank you mom!  We love you!!

Caden Meeting Vance

We had talked to Caden about his baby brother A LOT! And the weeks leading up to Vance being born Caden starting talking about his brother and how excited he was.  At my Dr. appointments, when they listened to the heartbeat, Caden would say "Baby Brother!"

So I was super excited for Caden to actually meet him.  
We decided it wasn't the best idea for Caden to go to the hospital because we weren't going to be there very long, he was doing really with my mom at home and bringing him to the hospital and then making him leave mom and dad again might be a little traumatic.

When we opened the door and brought Vance in Caden was so excited.

He wasted no time and started showing Vance some of the toys Grandma Fisher had given him while we were gone.

Caden was so gentle and only touched his feet.


Caden made a little note while we were gone.

He was so excited to hold his baby brother.

The next day Caden opened the gift that Vance had for him and he helped Vance open the gift that Caden wrapped.

Spiderman crayons from Vance

Moose for Vance from Caden

I'm so excited to have two boys and can't wait to see what good friends they'll grow up to be.