Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Mother's Day
Austin was on call so it was just me and my boys.  I shared my chocolate with them (meaning Caden) after church.

Super dark chocolate (72%).  YUM!

Our friend's baby turned one and they invited us to celebrate with them.  
Cody Johnson's birthday

Caden, Evrett and Brannon

Westchester ladies 

Watching fireworks at the stadium

special treat from dad 

Beautiful flowers beginning to bloom outside our building

We wanted to go to the park but the day ended up being pretty chilly so we decided to go to the Garfield Park Conservatory.  They have a children's area that Caden had fun playing in. 

Making lego crayons for the Johnsons as a going away gift. 

Crackers on the way home from church.  We make sure Caden eats before we go home because he falls asleep before we get home and wouldn't get lunch otherwise.

Vance is getting big enough to sit in the stroller with Caden but Caden didn't want to share.   

Caden likes lining these up and walking across them.

My birthday gift from Jeanine.  Around my birthday Jeanine said she had a gift but couldn't find it so she ended up sending me something else.  Sometime in May I got a random package from Jeanine saying she found my gift.  Its a locket with an E on it.  I love it!

Caden shaving like daddy

The community center at the park we like to go to has a fish tank and a turtle tank.  We like to look at them as we're leaving the park.  We were with our friends the Watkins this day and went with them.   
Caden and Max Watkins

Completing Jonah puzzle

We were shopping at Marianos and Caden was being silly in the cart.  A few minutes later Caden was telling us he was stuck.  We both tried to get him out with no such luck.  Finally Austin did something and got Caden out.  I'm still not really sure how.  You can bet Caden hasn't been silly in the cart like that anymore. 

We also got to stop by the park with Austin one May afternoon.  Everything is always more fun with Dad.

It was so refreshing to start to see green and blossoms. What a lovely day!

Museum- May

I am so glad that we got this museum pass.  It has been our number one go to place for fun.
In May we got to go with Austin again.  Austin wasn't scheduled for Memorial Day off but he did have the Friday before off so it was Memorial Day observed for us.  He came home from his rounds with chocolate milk and donuts.  YUM!

We headed to the museum for some fun!

I love it when Austin surprises us and comes home early!

Temple Trip- May

We were finally able to make it out to the temple for Vance's first temple trip and it was such a lovely family day.
It was a relatively warm day (in the high 50's with mostly sun out).  The boys slept most of the way there.  I hopped in the temple first.  Austin entertained the boys outside until  I was done and then we switched.  The boys and I were just starting to walk the grounds when Austin came out.

We walked around the temple grounds together and then headed out to a park for Caden to run around.

It was a beautiful and fun park.  The playground was perfect for Caden's age and size.  They also had fun swing benches and a maze made out of bushes.  It remined us of our maze in Las Vegas, but better because it was an actual bush, not fake.

Then we headed across the street for some food.  There was a new burger place that we decided to try.  It was a fun little treat, and neat environment.

Before we went home we stopped by the grocery store (we were hoping to get Austin's hair cut too but they had just closed.  RATS!).  We had fun exploring the new grocery store and getting a little treat for each of us there as well.

It was a lovely day and I wish we had more days like them, but one day we will.