Saturday, August 2, 2014


Our first family photo

We do have a pretty neat view from our window.  I love seeing all the white tops with untouched snow.  It really romanticizes where we live.  

Caden loves playing with my phone and snapping picture of everything.  
Here's a few from him:

Austin was working late one night so Caden and I enjoyed some of the Alaska Salmon my mom brought us when she was visiting.  Austin isn't a big fan so we enjoy it while he's gone.

This is exactly how we felt about the entire winter.

Snow Day

We had gotten so much snow and we talked about taking Caden out to play so many times but it just never worked out.  I would have loved to take him during the day, but I didn't want to take a newborn in the cold so I couldn't do it when Austin was gone.  Finally one day, after we just got dumped with snow and Austin got home early, we bundled up Caden and took him out.  He had a blast!

Vance and I didn't want to be left out so we sat in the lobby and watched.  Well, I watched and Vance stayed warm in the corner.  It was still really cold, even in the building, so we stayed bundled up. 

Austin and I switched for a little bit.

Caden was crawling all over the snow and had so much fun.  
We made snow balls and threw them at each other.  I accidentally threw one right at Caden's face.  I felt so bad but he was a good sport about it.

Vance was ready to go upstairs but Caden still wanted to play, so Austin went back outside and they played another 20 or 30 minutes.

Caden was bundled up pretty good but I was worried about him getting snow inside his boots.  Sure enough, this is what we found when we took them off.

So Austin and Caden sat and soaked their feet in warm water in the bathtub and I brought them some hot chocolate.

We're excited for next year and for BOTH boys to be old enough to appreciate the snow.


We decided a good investment for us this first year would be to buy a Children's Museum pass.  I knew it would be a long winter having a newborn and I wanted to be able to bring Caden somewhere indoors he could run around.   We saved  up Christmas money and  waited for the perfect time to buy our pass.  Towards the end of February, after mom had been gone awhile and we were getting anxious to leave the house, we decided it was about time to buy a pass.
The day looked a little like this and since Austin had the day off we headed to Navy Pier.

We had a blast spending a few hours there.  Since it was during the week it wasn't too busy.  The first thing you see when you enter is this Firefighters station.  Caden loved it and would have spent all day there. 

We checked out this cool water area.

 Sitting in an excavator

Some parts of the museum change every few months.  We happened to go when they had some race tracks up in one of the rooms.  Caden LOVED it!

Our little one month old, Vance, was a good boy and slept a lot of the time.  

When he wasn't sleeping he was hanging out with mom. 

We happened to be there the day they were holding a Rube Goldberg competition.  I guess its a yearly event where high school students form a team that comes up with their own Rube Goldberg and they compete.  It was really neat to see what they came up with.

We had barely scratched the surface but when we started getting this reaction from Caden
(don't go boneless!)
we decided it was time to go home and go back another day.

We were able to go back just a couple weeks later. 
We explored some new areas as well as old favorites.
 Digging for dinosaur bones

More race cars

"recording" his score.

More time in the "fire station"
 Taking a call.   We were actually kind of surprised Caden even knew this was a phone because its not like we have one at home.

Saying "Fire, Fire, Fire!"

The Fire Station area is so well done and I'm glad they have it there.  They have a fire truck the kids can climb in, an area they can try on fire fighter clothes and a pole to slide down.  They also have a manikin that is dressed like a firefighter and a recording explains what all the pieces of their uniform are for and instructs children not to be afraid but informs them that a firefighter is there to help (I had never thought about it before but they would look intimidating if you didn't know better).  They also had an area that looked like a room in a house.  They have low hanging sheets that represents smoke and the children can practice crawling below the smoke.  Its not a big area but very well thought out and well done.

We can't wait to explore even more areas of the museum.