Monday, September 22, 2014

March 2014

The rest of March:

By March we hadn't made it back to church yet, mostly because I was super paranoid about Vance getting sick.  I got a text from my friend (who was also the Relief Society President) strongly encouraging me to go to church that day.  
We all got dressed up (thankfully Austin was home that day) and headed to church.  It turned out that they had made a decision to dissolve our ward and that day was the last day of our ward as a unit.  It was bittersweet.

Unfortunately Austin ended up in here with Caden most of  Sacrament meeting.

Caden loves taking pictures with any device he can.  Here's just a few:

We were so anxious for winter to be over.  There happened to be a day where much of the snow had melted and it didn't feel so bad outside if you had a coat.  It was probably in the 40's.  Since the hotdog shack down the street had opened we decided to go on a walk and get some dinner.

Vance trying to stay warm

Daddy and Caden

At the time it sounded like a great idea, but looking back it was just a desperate attempt to feel like winter was leaving.

Our cousin, Aaron Fisher (actually my dad's cousin) was in town for a conference so we invited him over for dinner.  Caden was excited to have a friend over.  We were bummed that Austin didn't make it home before Aaron had to leave, but we had a great chat and it was fun to catch up!

playing hide and seek

Ikea trip.  Trash can hat?

Since the weather was "warming up" we decided to finally go try out an ice cream shop not too far from us called Scoops.

Austin was excited to find out that they carry a favorite ice cream flavor he grew up with: Superman.

So of course we got it and of course he loved it.

Blessing Day

We were so blessed to have Randy and Linda at Vance's baby blessing.  I debated what to put Vance in and ultimately decided to put him in the same outfit that Caden wore.  

He did have his very own crocheted blanket that his Nana Burnett made just for him.

Grandpa and Nana with Vance

Three Generations:
Randy, Austin, Vance

Austin woke up super sick that morning.  He slept in a little extra and we all drove to church in time for Sacrament meeting (we have reversed church with sacrament meeting last)

Mom and Vance

Caden, Dad, Mom and Vance

We were blessed that not only Randy and Linda came but also our good friends from Naperville, The Anderson's (Chris and Karalee).  It probably took them a good hour to drive out to our ward and we're so grateful they made the trek.  It had felt like forever since we had a chance to visit with them so we were so glad they were able to join us for lunch.

Some special photos

*Other notes about the day:

It snowed for 2 or 3 hours that morning and stopped right before we left for church.  It was a beautiful drive to church with all the freshly fallen snow around us.  We were only members of the Hyde Park for two weeks.  Our former ward had been dissolved and absorbed into the Hyde Park and Westchester wards just a few weeks before.  Vance was born into the Chicago 7th Ward. 

Vance’s Baby Blessing
Given by his Father: Austin Abdul Burnett
Sunday, March 23, 2014
In the Hyde Park Ward, Chicago Stake

Other Priesthood Holders Present: Randy L. Burnett (Grandfather), Chris Anderson (Father’s College Roommate), Brent R. Hickman (Former Bishop), Daniel Nydegger (Bishop of the Hyde Park Ward)

Notes taken by mother: Elise  Fisher Burnett
Name he will be known is Vance William Burnett
We bless you to be close to the spirit
That you will develop a testimony
That you will have a desire to serve
That you will strengthen yourself and others
We bless you to have a desire to serve a mission to those waiting
That your body will be strong and bear the burdens placed upon it
We bless you that you will serve those around you
That you will continue to be a light to your mother and brother
We bless you to inspire those around you to choose the right
That you will continue to be a good boy

Notes taken by Grandmother: Linda Ecker Burnett
Vance William Burnett
Blessing from Heavenly Father
Bless you that you will stay close to the spirit
Bless you that you will have a strong testimony and serve a mission
That your body will bear the burdens that will be placed upon it
Bless you will continue to be a light to your family and inspire those around you to choose the right

Grandma and Grandpa Burnett

We were so blessed that Austin's parents were able to come visit for a week surrounding Vance's blessing.We all had a great time together. 

One of our first outings was over at the Water Tower Place to shop and eat.  We ate at this super yummy restaurant.

We of course stopped by the Lego Store. Caden found Spiderman on the Chicago Skyline.

He also found Captain America

My Austin Lego Man (Dr. Burnett)

Caden was lucky that Grandma bought him a lego kit.  He even got to help her pay for it.

One of the days we went over to Navy Pier and the Children's museum. 
It was kind of funny to have four adults there for one child.  But we had a great time visiting, playing with Caden and cuddling Vance.
Caden was sure to show Grandpa and Nana his favorite spots.

Caden was a lucky boy on the way home.  As we left the museum Nana bought him a sword with a dinosaur on it.   Then, on our way back to the car we saw some drinking glasses in a store window that had super heros on them and Nana was so nice to buy them for Caden.  They had some of his favorites: Spiderman, Captain America, the Hulk and Wolverine.

Caden with his Spiderman glass and Grandma hat.

It was still really cold outside so we did plenty of visiting at home.  
Vance sharing smiles with dad

Nana brought Caden a baseball hat and all week he had a thing with hats.  He would get out all  his hats and wear them all at once.  He had to bring his "Grandma hat" everywhere we went.   
He also loved building towers with Grandpa during the week.

Caden playing swords with Nana. 

Fixing things with Grandpa with the tools they gave him for Christmas.

Vance got lots of cuddle time with everyone as well.

We were right in the middle of dealing with Austin's totaled car when Randy and Linda came and they were sweet to help us run some errands to get that taken care of.  Austin had found a car up in Schaumburg (about an hour away) so we went to check it out.  Since we were so far from home we started looking up indoor things we could do that were close.  We found a children's play area not too far from where we were so we headed there.

Caden was the only one in there most of the time and he had a blast.  We probably stayed a good 2 or 3 hours total (with a short break for dinner).

Vance enjoyed hanging out

Towards the end the only worker there (a teenage girl) even came over and played with Caden.  He was in heaven.

And just in case it couldn't be any cooler, she let him pick out a balloon to take home.

One of the things we insisted on Randy and Linda experiencing was Chicago deep dish pizza.  We hadn't been too impressed with any of the deep dish we had tried in the past so we decided to try Giordanos.  We weren't sure how much we would need so we ended up getting two large pizzas.

That ended up being a mistake  because I think we only ate one piece each.  Thankfully we fell in love with Giordanos and the leftovers were delicious as well.

Later in the week we went to buy the car that we had looked at previously.  Since we were driving so far again we decided to stop by Bennihana's for lunch (It happens to be the closest to us).  It worked out great because it was much more affordable at lunch time and it was a more laid back environment so we didn't have to worry about the kids disturbing anyone.

It was delicious and Caden did a great job trying to use the chopsticks for the first time.
On the way home, since we had two cars, Linda and I stopped by Joanns to pick out Easter fabric with the kids.  At one point I had to leave and feed Vance and Caden insisted on staying with Nana.  I was a little nervous how good he would be (especially since it was late in the afternoon and I think he had skipped his nap).  I fed Vance and we came back just as Linda was checking out.  Caden had done a great job for Nana and she even bought him a treat for being so good.  

Sunday was their last full day with us.  We enjoyed a lovely day blessing Vance and celebrating him.  On Monday we got to spend the morning together before Austin had to take Grandpa and Nana to the airport.  
Before they left Caden gave Nana a gift.

He had helped me pick it out and was so excited to give it to her, he even helped her open it.
A giraffe fan (Nana LOVES giraffes)
We took a couple more picture and said goodbye

It was sad to see Grandpa and Nana go but we're so glad that they were able to come visit for a whole week.  We can't wait to see them again!