Monday, June 8, 2015

Caden's actual birthday

On Caden's actual birthday we wanted to make sure we still did something memorable.  Our friends, the Llyods, were going to a free movie that afternoon and invited us to go along.  So we drove out to Oak Park and had fun watching Rio 2 with them.  I think it was Caden's second time in a movie theater and Vance's first.  They both did a great job and enjoyed the movie.

Caden, Josh and Tabby.

Later in the day we facetimed with Aunt Rachelle. 

We enjoyed the books that Caden gave to Vance 

and we cooked with Caden's new baking set.

Austin got off earlier than we thought.  I had just planned a simple evening and he was able to join us.  We went to the park and grabbed some hot dogs from a stand for dinner.

Because Caden had requested a cupcake with blue frosting for his birthday, Austin brought him home another one.  So we sang and ate his birthday treat that evening.

Happy Birthday!  Caden is officially 3!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Caden's Birthday Celebration, 3 years old!

This boy is growing up too fast.  He had a great superhero themed birthday.  We celebrated the weekend before his birthday (August 2nd) so dad could be there.

Caden's two favorite things are being outside and friends.  So we combined the two and invited our ward and our friends, the Beechs, to come celebrate with us.  It was super low key.  I brought a few snacks and a few superhero themed toys to play with but they mostly just played on the playground.

After a little bit of play we sang and ate cupcakes.  Caden had requested chocolate and blue frosting on his own.

Even though we specifically told friends not to bring presents a few of them still did.  
Evan and Colin Beech gave him these cool cars and some home made cards.

Max and Regan Watkins also gave him a cool t-rex transformer toy.

Growing up we had a tradition of the birthday child giving a gift to everyone else.  I loved that tradition because it helped me remember others on a day that was so self focused.

This year Caden gave Vance some little board books.  Vance loved them!

Then Caden opened his own gifts.  He got some books of his own.

A super hero matching game and bedspread from Nana and Grandpa Burnett

A cooking set and block puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa Fisher

Mom and dad gave him a batman mask and hulk hands in addition to the books.

He loved every gift he opened.  Some phrases that were heard when he opened his gifts were: 
"(Gasp) This is what I always wanted!"
""I don't believe it!"
"It's my favorite toy"
(the last two about the cooking set)

We had a fun day celebrating our happy boy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

August 2014

Other August Happenings

Our friends the Watkins moved.  They were one of our first friends in Chicago.  In fact, before we even moved here they friended us.  When we went house hunting in May they told us we could stop by and talk to them about the area.  How nice is that?!  Inviting total strangers in their home.

Michelle and I lived just a few blocks away and would meet at the park near the White Soxs Stadium (Armour Square Park) often.  Caden was right between her boys in age and she had a little girl a few months before they moved. 
 Caden and Vance with Regan, Max and Navy Watkins 

We enjoy a trip to the lake a few days after Caden's birthday as a post-birthday treat.  Caden loves the sand and water.

Church is extra hard for Vance because he misses his morning nap.  He was so tired on the way home he fell asleep in the middle of playing with his toy.

Church time with dad

Austin snapped this picture on the way home from work one evening.  It's a cool picture but it kind of idealizes where we live doesn't it. 

Caden's hair was getting super long.  It was so long I could fit one of my hair ties around a piece of it.

Face time with Dad and Jacob 

Probably one of the coolest thing during the month was witnessing this parade from our living room window.  Caden and I were sitting on the couch and I looked out the window and saw a bunch of people gathering on the sidewalk and just waiting.  I could tell something was happening so I started searching events for the day in Chicago.  There wasn't a baseball game so I knew it didn't have to do with the White Soxs.  Finally I found out that it was a little parade for the Jackie Robinson West team that won the U.S. Little League Championship.  Its a team from the Southside of Chicago and they loaded them up in these two trolleys and they drove through part of Chicago.  It was cool to see these people come out and cheer on these boys.  I think the whole thing is such a great story and a wonderful experience for these boys.  I thought about walking down to the street with the boys but then I decided our seat was better at home.