Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Date in a Can

For Christmas Amy and Jeff gave us some Dates in a Can.  We were instructed not to open them until we were ready to use them.  Each one had an expiration date on them because Amy said there was food inside.  They all had to be used by June so starting in January we opened one a month.  This is what they all included.

S'mores (the chocolate on the Graham cracker had a marshmallow inside) and questions to ask each other.

We had so much fun doing these date nights.  It was perfect because we could just pull one out when Austin was home and had time and when the kids were asleep.  In fact a few months after June Austin suggested we open another one.  I told him we opened them all and he couldn't believe we had gone through them all already.  We really enjoyed them and are grateful for Amy and Jeff's thoughtful gift.

Memorial Day- A Surprise Day off

Austin was suppose to work on Memorial Day.  He went in that morning but was surprised to find out that he would get to leave early.  Like 9am early.  We were so excited when he showed up!  Caden was doing some art in the bathroom so dad joined in.

It was a gorgeous day so we headed over to the park to play and relax.

We had been talking about changing Caden's room around so we could fit both boys.  We decided that our best option was to get a bed we found at Ikea that is raised so that we could still have lots of space under the bed for storage and play. So after the park we drove out to Ikea to buy Caden's new bed.  We showed Caden the floor model in the store and he was SO excited.

Caden's room before: 

Caden helping dad put his new bed together.

Caden Enjoying his mattress.  We didn't have a bedspread so we used the pink one I grew up using (shhh, don't tell anyone he had a pink bedspread) until Caden got his own from Nana for his birthday

Caden's room after:
(these pictures were actually taken in October once we had a few months to add things, like a bedspread for Caden's bed)

We love the set up.  Its a little cramped but it works and most importantly Caden loves his new bed!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Mother's Day
Austin was on call so it was just me and my boys.  I shared my chocolate with them (meaning Caden) after church.

Super dark chocolate (72%).  YUM!

Our friend's baby turned one and they invited us to celebrate with them.  
Cody Johnson's birthday

Caden, Evrett and Brannon

Westchester ladies 

Watching fireworks at the stadium

special treat from dad 

Beautiful flowers beginning to bloom outside our building

We wanted to go to the park but the day ended up being pretty chilly so we decided to go to the Garfield Park Conservatory.  They have a children's area that Caden had fun playing in. 

Making lego crayons for the Johnsons as a going away gift. 

Crackers on the way home from church.  We make sure Caden eats before we go home because he falls asleep before we get home and wouldn't get lunch otherwise.

Vance is getting big enough to sit in the stroller with Caden but Caden didn't want to share.   

Caden likes lining these up and walking across them.

My birthday gift from Jeanine.  Around my birthday Jeanine said she had a gift but couldn't find it so she ended up sending me something else.  Sometime in May I got a random package from Jeanine saying she found my gift.  Its a locket with an E on it.  I love it!

Caden shaving like daddy

The community center at the park we like to go to has a fish tank and a turtle tank.  We like to look at them as we're leaving the park.  We were with our friends the Watkins this day and went with them.   
Caden and Max Watkins

Completing Jonah puzzle

We were shopping at Marianos and Caden was being silly in the cart.  A few minutes later Caden was telling us he was stuck.  We both tried to get him out with no such luck.  Finally Austin did something and got Caden out.  I'm still not really sure how.  You can bet Caden hasn't been silly in the cart like that anymore. 

We also got to stop by the park with Austin one May afternoon.  Everything is always more fun with Dad.

It was so refreshing to start to see green and blossoms. What a lovely day!